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Collision Repair

Q | Do I have to use the repair facility that my insurance company recommends?
A | No, you do not. It is your right as a consumer to choose Allen Auto Body.

Q | How do I know that my car will be repaired to factory specifications?
A | At Allen Auto Body, we meticulously analyze your damage and refer to manufacturer repair procedures to ensure a proper and safe repair.

Q | How will I know that my airbags, parking sensors and other accident avoidance systems are in proper working condition after my repair?
A | We utilize the asTech system which uses an interface to connect your vehicle to the scan tool required by your vehicles manufacturer. The post-repair procedure will ensure that all of your advanced driver assist and safety will be in proper calibration.

Paintless Dent Repair

Q | What is Paintless Dent Repair?
A | PDR is a method of reshaping the metal without the expense of refinishing the panel.

Q | Can all dents be paintless dent repaired?
A | Not always. Many times, the dents can cause the paint to crack which then will need to be painted. Some manufactures do not recommend paintless dent repairs to be performed on some models.

Q | Can Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) affect the value of my vehicle?
A | Yes, if done incorrectly. It can not only diminish the value, but it can also affect the integrity of your vehicle.

Hail Damage Repair

Q | The hail storm broke the glass on my car, can you assist with that as well?
A | Yes we can! We perform complete hail damage repair for the entire vehicle.

Q | My vehicle has some aluminum panels and it was in a hailstorm. Can aluminum be paintless dent repaired?
A | Yes it can. Aluminum repair is more costly, as it responds differently than steel. Another determining factor is the amount of alloying agent used to make a specific alloy. We can determine the best repair method using our training, experience and OEM procedures.

Q | Can the metal / chrome moldings around my windows be repaired?
A | It is typically not cost effective to repair belt moldings or window moldings. We offer free consultations to determine the best repair method for your hail damage.

Color Matching

Q | How do you know what color to use when you paint a panel on my vehicle?
A | Every vehicle has a paint code. This code, along with our color matching tools, we are able to determine the formula necessary to achieve the best possible match.

Q | When you repair my vehicle, will my paint have a warranty?
A | Yes! At Allen Auto Body, we provide a limited lifetime warranty for as long as you own the vehicle.

Q | How long should I wait to wash my car?
A | When you pick up your vehicle from Allen Auto Body, it has already received a hand wash. When your new finish becomes dirty, washing under normal conditions is fine. More information about care of your new paint will be discussed with you during the delivery process.

For additional questions and answers from the Oklahoma Department of Insurance, click on the link below.

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