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Auto Hail Damage Repair

In Oklahoma, we have hail storms every year. There are different levels of severity of damage from minor dings, which that can be pushed out using specialty tools that return the metal to its previous shape without the use of fillers and refinishing, to more severe damage, which consist of a combination of panel replacement and conventional repairs methods that will require refinishing of a panel or multiple panels.
When choosing a hail damage repair facility, either by your insurance company’s recommendation or by your own research, it is important to verify that the facility will be able to perform both Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) and conventional methods.  At Allen Auto Body we provide all the services you need to get your vehicle looking back to new!

OKC Auto Hail Damage Repair

Commonly Asked Questions

Q | The hailstorm broke the glass on my car, can you assist with that as well?
A | Yes we can! We perform complete hail damage repair for the entire vehicle.

Q | My vehicle has some aluminum panels and it was in a hailstorm. Can aluminum be paintless dent repaired?
A | Yes it can. Aluminum repair is more costly, as it responds differently than steel. Another determining factor is the amount of alloying agent used to make a specific alloy. We can determine the best repair method using our training, experience and OEM procedures.

Q | Can the metal / chrome moldings around my windows be repaired?
A | It is typically not cost effective to repair belt moldings or window moldings. We offer free consultations to determine the best repair method for your hail damage.

For additional questions and answers from the Oklahoma Department of Insurance, click on the link below.

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